Boxing Fitness Classes

Whether you are an experienced boxer or just looking to add something new to your workout regimen, the adult boxing classes at Ballard Fitness can help you maximize the physical results you are looking to achieve, set you towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle, and give you the support to tackle anything that life throws your way. Ballard Fitness’s boxing workout provides the ultimate physical health experience for both men and women. Ballard’s group boxing classes and personal training are not just for professional boxers. Whether you are just starting to workout, you’re looking to change up your current workout, you think you might have some interest in boxing, or you are training for boxing or a marathon, Ballard Fitness can help you get the results you are looking for. The group classes and personal training at Ballard Fitness welcome all levels of fitness abilities.

When you workout at Ballard Fitness, you workout directly with World Super Middle Weight Championship Fighter, Gary Ballard. For his workouts, Ballard draws from his 35-years of professional boxing, and combines that experience with his knowledge of personal training, to create a full-body workout using boxing techniques, conditioning drills and strength training. Each class is uniquely designed to keep participants interested and on their toes. Ballard incorporates boxing-based exercises into a warm-up and full-body workout. Workouts are designed to increase power, speed and conditioning through shadow boxing, heavy bag work, mitt drills, jump rope, and more. Athletes will strengthen and increase cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning, strength training, core conditioning, balance training, and range of motion.

  • Jacki Maybin
    "This is the best workout ever. Gary is amazing with beginners as well as seasoned boxers. My entire body gets worked out. LOVE IT. I love the NEW location that has any fitness need available too. No MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR BOXING CLASSES .... woohoo"
    Jacki Maybin
  • Chester Deitz
    "Fun class and Gary is a great teacher. You will burn a ton of calories and enjoy it!"
    Chester Deitz
  • Liz Herrera
    "Fun and intense workout. Even for beginners like me. I would highly recommend this class!"
    Liz Herrera
  • Fiorella Molteni
    Fiorella Molteni
  • Sara Spraker Eaton
    "Such a fun, badass, full body workout. HIGHLY recommend it."
    Sara Spraker Eaton
  • Kelly Camacho
    "BEST WORKOUT EVER!!! I highly recommend you come and train with Gary, he is the best and really knows what he is doing! I REALLY enjoy his classes!"
    Kelly Camacho
  • Mahta Ariarad
    "Most amazing workout with the most amazing trainer! Thanks Gary!"
    Mahta Ariarad
  • Jason Dussan
    "Such a great workout. You will burn a ton of calories along with building lean muscle. I met Gary about 11 years ago when I was 14 years old. I was about four foot - eleven inches (under five feet) and I weighed 155 lbs so I was very overweight. I worked out with Gary for two years and reduced my weight to about 95 lbs (but remember I was only 4'11 or two years later probably 5'2). I was in the best shape (great core strength) I ended up wrestling in high school. Gary's workouts are great for any age from beginner to expert. I highly recommend anyone to try out a session!!!"
    Jason Dussan