Personal One-On-One Training with Championship Fighter Gary Ballard

Ballard Fitness

"Get in shape and have the time of your life!"

Gary Ballard is the owner and head trainer at Ballard Fitness, a boxing gym and personal training facility located in Orange County, CA. As a former World Super MiddleWeight Championship Fighter, Gary “Boom Boom” Ballard combines 40 years of boxing experience with over 20 years of personal training to create the ultimate boxing workout. Ballard’s dedication to fitness and his gym, is evident by his personal involvement at Ballard Fitness. As a CPT, Ballard personally teaches group fitness classes, work’s one-on-one with clients and provides nutritional and motivational support to those he trains. When you train at Ballard Fitness, you train with Gary Ballard!

Ballard Fitness provides the ultimate physical health experience. Ballard’s group boxing classes and personal training are not just for professional boxers. Whether you are just starting to work out, you’re looking to change up your current workout, you are training for a marathon or you think you might have some interest in boxing, Ballard Fitness can help you get the results you are looking for.

The group classes at Ballard Fitness welcome all levels of fitness abilities. Ballard’s group workouts draw from Gary Ballard’s personal boxing techniques, conditioning drills and strength training. Boxing-based classes strengthen and increase cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning, strength training, core conditioning, balance training, and range of motion.

Personal One-On-One Training with Championship Fighter Gary Ballard is also available at Ballard Fitness. Ballard brings the intensity and dedication that he put into his own boxing career into sessions with clients. In addition to membership benefits, Personal Training clients receive comprehensive individual training which includes:

  • Professional Boxing Instructions
  • Cardio Boxing Workout
  • Fitness Consultation
  • Core Conditioning

Because good health includes more than just a consistent workout schedule, Ballard Fitness offers a comprehensive healthy lifestyle program to all Ballard Fitness members, which includes:

  • An Individual Consultation
  • Promotes Mental Focus
  • Great Stress Relief
  • A Targeted Fitness Plan
  • Motivation and Support from fellow athletes, instructors and Gary Ballard
  • Increases Tolerance Level

Children’s boxing classes and camps are also available. Kids can learn self-defense, physical fitness, balance and flexibility, safety skills, a balanced diet and nutrition, confidence, determination and commitment while having loads of fun. Parent and Me classes and private instruction is also available.