I Hate the Gym, What Can I Do? I Need a Better Workout Program

No matter how hard you try, you’re just not a gym rat. You feel uncomfortable with all the equipment and you think people are judging you. So you tried gaining confidence by working out with a personal trainer, and he assured you that you’d enjoy it and become addicted to the endorphins. Nope. Every time you went to a session was worse than the time before. Finally, you thought long and hard and realized that you don’t dislike exercise, you just need to find something that you can enjoy doing and makes you feel good, so you’ll come back for more. Well, you’re not alone. Many people find a gym workout to be boring and mundane and yearn for something that gets the blood pumping and lets them release those endorphins.

workout Coto de Caza CASo we looked around and found that the boxing workout is the most beneficial full body workout around. Why? Well, here are eight reasons why:
1. Reduce Stress – hit a bag and it doesn’t hit back
2. Increase Strength – build arms, shoulders, legs and core
3. Lose Weight – replace body fat with lean muscle development
4. Improve Bone Density – prevent osteoporosis
5. Cardiovascular – it is the ultimate high intensity interval training available
6. Improve Coordination – eye/hand, footwork, balance, agility
7. Low Impact – easier on your knees and other joints
8. Improve Confidence and Self Esteem for people of all ages

So instead of making excuses, give boxing fitness a try. Who knows, you might just like it. After all, as World Super Middleweight Champion fighter, Gary Ballard, says…with boxing for fitness, you can #getfitwithoutgettinghit.

For more information on the benefits of a boxing workout, contact Gary Ballard, Ballard Boxing & Fitness – www.ballardfitness.com or 714.914.3316.

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