Tips From a Personal Trainer in Lake Forest, CA

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Tips From a Personal Trainer in Lake Forest, CA

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There are excellent personal trainers in the Lake Forest, CA area. The good ones set up a personal training regime that is custom-designed for the needs and goals of each specific person.

Here are some useful tips to get the most out of personal training sessions with a personal trainer.

Weight Lifting – Vary repetitions and constantly increase the weight you are lifting.

Alternate Workout Routines – Alternate high intensity workouts with lifting and resistance training. Add some boxing training for strength and stamina.

Improve posture – Ab workout’s are an excellent way to increase core strength and improve posture.

Avoid Alcohol and Stop Smoking – Alcohol consumption and smoking hampers workout results and health improvement.

Stay Hydrated – Drink 64 ounces (eight regular 8 oz. glasses) of pure water each day and 8 ounces (one glass) or more during workouts. Drink water before a meal to feel full more rapidly.

Sugar is the Enemy – Avoid soda pop, juice, sports drinks, energy drinks, ice cream, and flavored yogurt. Surprising things that contain sugar include almost all processed foods such as things not normally thought of as sweet. By reading the labels in the grocery store, you will discover how difficult it is to find a product that does not contain sugar. Artificial sweeteners are bad, except for Stevia.

The Mediterranean Diet is Best – This diet consists of 60% fat, 30% protein, and 10% carbohydrates.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude – Constantly remind yourself of the benefits of having excellent health.

Focus on Long-Term Improvement – Avoid short-term temptations that do not match your goals. When tempted, immediately change what you are doing. Go for a run, take a shower, or go for a swim.

Get High from Your Workout – A good workout releases endorphins in the brain that gives a natural healthy buzz and enhances mood.

Visualize Yourself, “As If” – Look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Now look away and look into your imagination of a mirror. In this mirror, see yourself exactly how you want to look. Imagine it is already how you look as if you are already there. One day you will look in the real mirror and see the person you visualize.

Do Not Become Trapped in the Failed-Diet Cycle – Starvation followed by binge eating is never going to be a solution for permanent weight loss. At first, you may lose pounds and then they all come back again and more.

Track Improvements in Personal Stats – These include weight, body fat percentage, blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, blood pressure, heart rate, and eating only the daily calories needed for your age.

Stay Active in Old Age – Great activities for older adults include golf, power-walking, tennis, having a swim, and yoga.

Get a Personal Trainer to Stay Motivated– A personal trainer will not permit you to slack off, miss routines, or give less than you are capable of doing. Select a personal trainer in Lake Forest that you are happy to see for each session.
As you get stronger and your health gets better, you will be surprised what you are able to do and how good you feel. Working with a personal trainer in Lake Forest will assist you in making the extra effort.



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