Why boxing is a great exercise for everyone?

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November 16, 2015
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There is a misconception around when you should begin boxing as a hobby. Most people believe that boxing is a sport that should begin in child-hood and be carried on through adulthood. However this is not always the case. Boxing can be ideal for beginners of any age and you do not have to be a child to begin this wonderful sport.


For many adults boxing starts of as a means to achieve a healthier lifestyle and a way of getting fit but it becomes so much more. The best thing about beginning boxing is the way it puts you on track to becoming a healthier and more active person, able to tackle anything that life throws at them.

You do not need to begin in lessons that are crowded with children, because boxing allows you to enjoy one-on-one training as well. The benefits of having your own personal trainer include:

  • Emphasize on the ultimate workout tailored for your needs

  • Make achievable personal goals

  • Guaranteed to achieve the goals you set with your personal trainer

  • Increases cardiovascular endurance

  • Strength training

  • Tones muscles

  • Core conditioning

  • Balance and flexibility training

  • Nutrition consultation

In addition to helping you toward a healthier lifestyle, boxing will also help you to combat any stress that you find in the daily grind of life. Why not come along and see for yourself what personal one-on-one training can do for you.


Having a personal trainer doesn’t need to be the only way to enjoy boxing. If you are looking to socialize while you are training then yes you can benefit from group boxing classes where you train with like-minded people. There are many benefits to group boxing classes including:

  • Socializing

  • Always having someone to spar with

  • Feeling as though you are not with someone

  • Ability to share experiences with others

You still get the same fitness benefits in group boxing lessons as you would with a one-on-one trainer but some of the personal goals may require a little extra training in-between lessons.


For your first appointment, you can expect to meet with your trainer. Here you will be able to discuss what your personal plans are and ways that you can achieve them. This personal consultation should include plans such as:

  • Nutrition advice

  • Full evaluation of your fitness levels

  • A training program to suit your fitness levels and your goals

By working with your trainer and working hard, you can guarantee the results that you are seeking and become a healthier, stronger and fitter version of yourself.

Why not look into boxing and book an initial consultation. You can begin your journey and see the results that you have always wanted as you take up the sport of boxing. This is a life-changing decision and one that you will not regret as you enjoy not just a sport but a way of life.

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