Are You Looking To Punch Up Your Fitness Routine?

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March 13, 2016
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Are You Looking To Punch Up Your Fitness Routine?

Personal Trainer Orange County CA

Ballard Fitness Offers Personal Training in Orange County

If you are looking for convenient personal training in Orange County by an experienced personal trainer, there are a few things to consider before signing on.

The Instructor

For personal training, you want to be sure you have an experienced, attentive and inspirational instructor. Experience matters, because a personal trainer with an extensive background can offer personal fitness consultations and customize a workout that fits your needs and goals.


We all go into a workout routine with the best intentions. We’ll get up that hour earlier to hit the gym. We’ll be sure to head for the gym before heading home. But the snooze button or TV remote sometimes get the best of us.

With a personal trainer, you’ll have a partner to help you stay accountable. It’s much more difficult to skip a session when you have a personal trainer. Let your trainer help you with your own personal commitment to change, and you’ll feel better about yourself as you get in shape.

Variety and Efficiency

Sometimes we all get into a routine with our exercise regime that ends up becoming boring. With personal training, you will see a variety of exercises and workouts. In addition, those works will be run crisply, maximizing your time at the gym and giving you more time (and energy) to spend as you see fit.


Personal training gives you someone readily available to assess progress, give encouragement and answer questions you have about a type of exercise, your form or your results. Personal trainers are highly knowledgeable and skilled motivators.

When you’re making a major lifestyle change, it can be overwhelming at times. Personal trainers are sensitive to these issues, understand them and can provide you the support you need at any stage of your journey.

Mind and Body

While you are working out your body, personal training is a great way to sharpen your focus, reduce stress and be sharper at work or at home. A good personal trainer is focused on the whole you, not just those abs or biceps.


Many times our schedule is not our own. Demands from career, family, hobbies and interests can cut into the time you want to spend sweating. Personal training should accommodate your schedule by providing flexibility and convenient times for you to work out, including early in the morning and late at night.

Lifelong Learning

Personal training is about empowerment. A personal trainer will help you establish a lifelong commitment to physical fitness, wellness and healthy habits. Your training is the launching pad to a lifetime of fitness success.

At Ballard Fitness, we offer Orange County, CA, residents a range of personal fitness options. Under the leadership of owner and World Championship Fighter, Gary Ballard, our staff of highly experienced trainers can help you whether you’re preparing for a 5K or marathon, new to fitness or an experienced gym goer looking to change a routine.

Ballard Fitness offers flexible scheduling, kickboxing, cardio boxing workouts, core conditioning, fitness consultation and professional boxing instructions. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Orange County, contact Ballard Fitness at 714.914.3316.

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